According to their label’s site, Woahnows describe themselves as “indie-punk with a short attention span.” I’ll agree with that but I’d also add that there is a hint of 90’s American post-hardcore/emo swirling around in there. 2013’s effort “The Joy Disorder” had plenty of hooks, sing-alongs and guitar riffs that are reminiscent of Burning Airlines. (You can’t go wrong there!)

The new single, “Puncher,” picks up exactly where the band left off and is a great representation of what you’ll be getting yourself into with these guys.

On a side note: One of the things that appeals to me about this band is that while I can point out influences and similarities with American bands, Woahnows keep it English. Get on this pre-order before it’s gone.

The Details

The long-awaited debut album from Plymouth's finest export. 11 tracks which are guaranteed to stick in your head for weeks to come. The album includes recent singles Sounds Like Spitting, Watching Accidents and Life In Reverse. First vinyl pressing includes a transparent blue with orange, yellow and white splatter, limited to 200.


01. Sounds Like Spitting
02. Machono
03. Watching Accidents
04. Puncher
05. Livid / Rise
06. Manicimio
07. Life
08. Neutral Haste
09. No Such Thing
10. Here And Now
11. Breathing Games

200 - Transparent blue with orange, yellow and white splatter
300 - Black

Price $19.8

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