Emotions run high with vinyl collectors around mid-April’s giant day for the indie record store.  We celebrate the victories, clutching that rare copy of Paranorman in our sleep-deprived hands.  We weep as the family of professional line-waiters at the front of the line grab the last copies of Cake’s box set.  We laugh when Cake announces that they’ll be selling more sets the following week.  We scratch our heads as the masses fork over $100+ for a hokey, glow-in-the-dark single of Ghostbusters.  This vinyl thing?…It’s a marathon, folks.

And this train don’t stop.  The game is forever afoot.  Think of “The Nothing” from The Neverending Story, but replace that horrifying wolf thing with a shimmering array of vinyl, stretching a rainbow splatter across the horizon.  Catch your breath and double-knot your sneakers.  Game on.

I’m not sure when White Lung’s preorder for Deep Fantasy went up for sale, but it’s UP, and it’s still available.  Don’t let that ‘puppies and sugar plum dreams’ album cover fool you.  White Lung have gotten top marks in punk circles and have moved beyond their Canadian scene to an international audience.  If you loved Perfect Pussy’s recent release, this one belongs on your shelf too.  Check out the first track below.

The Details

- Limited Edition to 1,000 LPS, for the world!
- 150gram Coke Bottle Clear vinyl
- 9"x24" folded screen-printed poster
- Includes MP3 download card
- Randomly selected, limited to 50, will receive 'zine' designed by band!

Price $20

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