One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small, and that other multi-colored pill by the white fence over there melts your eyeballs into your back molars, beginning a medium-paced body implosion that capsizes your guts and muscle mass while flipping your outer skin layers inward.  That, in turn, signals the Flatchian tribe from Saturn’s Epimetheus moon to beam down Earth’s very own Cassini spacecraft to expend a healthy portion of ‘plasma dust’ into your desecrated viscera, resulting in your painless, quick evaporation.

Perhaps a bit hyperbolic, but Tim Presley makes that ‘out there’ sound.  Whether it’s with his main squeeze White Fence or a collaboration with other freakpsychers, his endeavors are often genreless, formless lofi masterpieces.  It’s garage rock, it’s experimental noise, it’s lo-fi high-brow left-brained gobbledygook with a right hook.  First taste of his newest project, W-X, sounds like an 8-bit NES console and an ewok floating in the Milky Way while Presley blips, blaps, glitches and glatches into a microphone somewhere in the distance.

It’s an experience, and for the cost of a tank of gas, I’d say Castle Face Records is cutting you a righteous deal.  Buy some white wax after the ‘buy’ link, and if you’re in the UK or Australia, get it HERE.

The Details

Tim Presley of the inimitable White Fence continues to surprise and delight. Here we have a double LP of really far out explorations peppered with warped pop gems, overwhelming psychedelia that wisps off into the cosmos at the drop of a hat, with sometimes jarring but always solid returns to Earth. When you emerge on the other end, wet and warm, you'll thank us.

We have a special white vinyl edition only available from us and from Tim...maybe at White Fence shows? As usual these are limited to two per customer.

Price $25

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