I imagine everyone can remember the time surrounding the lethal, horrifying, triple-fold disaster Japan went through. An earthquake, which then caused a tsunami, which then destroyed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant which THEN caused radiation in and around the area which spread to the water supply and the ocean, among other things. Back when that happened, I remember donating a little bit to a Japanese artist (and his family) named Heisuke Kitazawa but you might know him as PCP – he worked with Her Space Holiday on some album covers, so that’s how I got familiar with him. To get back to the piece at hand, though,¬†Polyvinyl¬†is holding its SIXTH annual garage sale where they sell off singles, LPs, CDs and various other oddities because they have minor aesthetic damage. For only $12, since it’s damaged, you get a great compilation containing an of Montreal song remixed by St. Vincent, David Bazan, Pele, Deerhoof, an Efterklang song remixed by Opiate, Toe, Xiu Xiu and many more. If you must have this in mint condition, this sale’s obviously not for you as¬†Polyvinyl says in the description of the item – this goes for any item contained within the Garage Sale. If it makes any difference to you, I think¬†Polyvinyl is still donating all the proceeds from this release to the Red Cross. Have a gander below at this gargantuan sampler via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. By the way, if you must have a mint one, for $8 more you can have one by clicking this sentence. Cheers!

The Details

Sometimes our warehouse goofs and forgets to double box our vinyl when they ship it to us. In the unfortunate event a box is mishandled, the corner of a record jacket gets bent from time to time.

What do we do with the records whose jackets are bent? Well...that's how the idea of a garage sale came up.

Nearly all of the record jackets in the garage sale have some superficial damage to them. Some are worse than others and we've done our best to come up with fair prices based on availability and condition. In most cases the albums are still shrink-wrapped meaning the vinyl inside is in pristine condition.

If you are a die hard collector whose record collection must be in mint condition, this is probably not the sale for you. If you are looking to find some excellent gems at affordable prices though, welcome home, and happy shopping.

Please hurry. The sale is first come first serve and we cannot hold items back for anyone under any circumstances. Have fun browsing!

Price $12

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