RIYL: Vivian Girls, The Courtneys, Marnie Stern

Label: Lauren Records

Last year we posted the info on the (now sold out) limited white cassette of ’76, the 2015 album from ex Best Coast/ex-Vivian Girls drummer Ali Koehler’s band Upset. Check out that post here. Now you can grab a limited coke bottle clear vinyl version of the album at the link below.

If you’re still looking for ’76 on tape and missed out on the white cassette version, there’s a clear cassette available at the same link. Two formats, one link: we try to make things easy for you around here.

The Details

Side 1
1. Glass Ceiling
2. Home
3. Away
4. Linus

Side 2
5. The Return
6. Do You Still Hate Me
7. Pastey
8. Wonder

Comes with instant download!

"It's vulnerable, brittle punk rock that fearlessly takes on negativity and pummels it into submission with catchy, clever songs. " -Stereogum

First Press: 550 Coke Bottle Clear

Price $12

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