It’s been a couple of years now since ex-Best Coast, ex-Vivian Girls drummer Ali Koehler stepped away from her drum kit and took the lead position in Upset, providing vocals and guitar in this L.A. four-piece. After releasing their debut album She’s Gone in 2013 on Don Giovanni records, their new EP ’76 is currently available as a cassette-only release through Lauren Records (look for the 10″ vinyl later this year). It’s 8 blasts of catchy punk rock with enough hooks to keep your head banging.

The Details

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Side 1
1. Glass Ceiling
2. Home
3. Away
4. Linus

Side 2
5. The Return
6. Do You Still Hate Me
7. Pastey
8. Wonder

"It's vulnerable, brittle punk rock that fearlessly takes on negativity and pummels it into submission with catchy, clever songs. " -Stereogum

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