Numero. Oh Numero. Where were you in my adolescent years when rent wasn’t a factor and every last cent went to buying music? There are a handful of labels that do things right. Two of the best are Light In The Attic (which you’ve probably read about on this site a few times) and the other is Numero.

Numero releases lost treasures and obscurities and their attention to detail goes far beyond your usual liner notes. They have recently started releasing 90’s records starting with last years Codeine Boxset which is one of the most impressive things I own. Now the label plans an extensive Unwound reissue campaign that is looking to be on reissue of the year lists.

1000 of these preorders come with a bonus LP. Enough of my yapping i’ll let the label tell you about it.

The Details

*Pre-order includes a limited-to-1000 bonus LP recorded on 7/26/2001, featuring the original Unwound line-up roaring through their early days at a Olympia house show.***
Kid Is Gone is the unquiet portrait of primal Unwound. Before 1993’s Fake Train ripped through, they’d been Giant Henry, Supertanker, and Cygnus X-1, short-lived black holes gathering dark material into something built to explode. From Justin Trosper, Vern Rumsey, and Brandt Sandeno’s first restive years, “Crab Nebula” might’ve best prepared the indie-sphere for what Unwound became, had Sandeno’s split not stalled their planned debut. Part 1 in Numero’s 4-part reissue project, Kid Is Gone documents signal chaos in Olympia’s fertile scene before Unwound’s turbulent noise hit stride, in unrevealed period photos, 34 tracks, and three LPs—cassette-only demos, early 7”s, a KAOS radio broadcast, material tracked live in a local basement, and all of what became 1994’s Unwound, on which the band’s prehistory plays out in a feral maelstrom of screaming, distortion, feedback, and abrasive promise.

Records will start shipping 09/15/13.

Price $50

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