RIYL: Thee Oh Sees, The Meatbodies, Jay Reatard

Label: Newbury Comics

Attention all you Ty Segall completists!  Fiending for a limited variant to one of your favorite Ty rekkids?  Newbury Comics has you covered with a very sick, very tasty ‘orange swirl’ variant to 2010’s Melted, undoubtedly one of Ty’s dirtiest, sludgiest headbangers in his vast catalog.  And up to today, this one’s never gotten the limited vinyl treatment.  If you like your rock and roll knee-deep in lofi fuzz and your lead singers inches from madness, then you need Melted in your collection NOW.

Ty Segall has accumulated a large hoard of fans and collectors, so don’t expect a pressing of 500 to last long, especially with an album like this one.  Don’t sleep, idiot.  Don’t.

The Details

A Newbury Comics exclusive color vinyl pressing.
Color: Orange Swirl
Limited to: 5 Per Customer

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Price $23.99

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