RIYL: Thee Oh Sees, The Meatbodies, Jay Reatard

Label: Newbury Comics

Attention all you Ty Segall completists! ¬†Fiending for a limited variant to one of your favorite Ty rekkids? ¬†Newbury Comics has you covered with a very sick, very tasty ‘orange swirl’ variant to 2010’s Melted, undoubtedly one of Ty’s dirtiest, sludgiest headbangers¬†in his vast catalog. ¬†And up to today, this one’s never gotten the limited vinyl treatment. ¬†If you like your rock and roll knee-deep in lofi fuzz and your lead singers inches from madness, then you need Melted in your collection NOW.

Ty Segall has accumulated a large hoard of fans and collectors, so don’t expect a¬†pressing of 500 to last long, especially with an album like this one. ¬†Don’t sleep, idiot. ¬†Don’t.

The Details

A Newbury Comics exclusive color vinyl pressing.
Color: Orange Swirl
Limited to: 5 Per Customer

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Price $23.99

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