Today I woke up to some fantastic news from one of the newer and overlooked bands in the European screamo scene. Trembling Hands have announced their debut full-length release in the form of a 7 tracks on transparent red vinyl limited to only 250 copies. Each jacket features a great 2-color screen print on chipboard to round out this fantastic limited release!


For those of you unfamiliar, Trembling Hands have released a couple 7-inch releases last year including a great split with Wits End. The 3-piece outfit features Johan Dyrssen on bass guitar, Henrik Michelson on drums, and Daniel Petterson (from Suis La Lune) on guitars and was mixed and mastered by Steve Roche (think Off Minor, Saetia, etc.) at Permanent Hearing Damage in Philadelphia. I’m sure some of you are familiar with¬†Suis La Lune¬†and remember the reason you see Daniel on guitar as opposed to his familiar spot behind the drum kit is his reoccurring problems with his hands and wrists that have affected his ability to play as well as we know he can. Fortunately for us and this project, it brings a welcome change when it comes to his work in Trembling Hands and is rather exciting to see.

This project should definitely attract fans of the previously mentioned bands as well as favorites like Da√Įtro, Ampere, and Yage just to name a few. It is being released on multiple labels including √Ėdebygd Records (Sweden), Tell Wilhelm Records (Sweden), Gaashud Records (Sweden), Pike Records (Germany), and Middle-Man Records (USA). The current release date is set for some time in early April but no specific date beyond that has been set in stone.

The Details

The Details

Trembling Hands - Trembling Hands LP


Trembling Hands debut full-length released on Tell Wilhelm Records (Sweden), Gaashud Records (Sweden), √Ėdebygd Records (Sweden), Pike Records (Germany), and Middle-Man Records (USA).

Release date is currently set for early April.

Track List:
(To be announced.)

Further details of this release including exact release date and track list are not available but will be updated as soon as this is announced.

Price $12

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