In literally unprecedented fashion, 13(!) different labels from across the planet have pulled together for an extremely impressive 4-way split between Things Fall Apart (USA), Tall Ships Set Sail (USA), Infro (Japan), and Shizune (Italy). Each band brings two solid tracks to the table that fans of emotional punk and more traditional screamo will definitely enjoy. The labels directly responsible are as follows: Kakusan Records, Ancient Injury Records, Ritual Tapes, Sorry Girls Records, Koepfen Records, Lion Sounds and Tiger Noises Records, Pikpik Records, New Village Tapes, Crewmannumbersixrecords, Unlock Yourself Records, Little League Records, Delayed Gratification Records, and last but not least Driftwood Records. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what it must’ve taken to coordinate that many independent labels. Truly impressive and awesome to see such a thoroughly successful collaboration. It will be pressed on Pink/Blue Split vinyl limited to 100 copies and another 200 copies on Mixed vinyl which gives us a total of 300 records for the entire first, and potentially only, pressing. Anyway, onto the music…


First up on the track list are Columbus, Ohio’s Things Fall Apart. I’m starting to wonder if these guys enjoy doing 4-way splits, which is hardly a bad thing, because this makes number two for them in their rather short career, haha. The last one came out compliments of Enjoyment Records and paired them up with some more fantastic bands including Vowel, Light Black, and City of Ifa. Without a doubt, Things Fall Apart quickly found a little niche for themselves with their own style of emotional punk which easily makes you want to sing along with the mutli-vocal layering they use. Both tracks are full of energy without being overwhelming or pretentious sounding. I think it’s safe to say that their second track entitled Virgina Woolf really stood out the most to me but I can easily attest that to the roughly 40 second light instrumental riff they threw in about 3 minutes into the track to sort of break the tone for a bit. Reminded me a lot of some of the lead riffs Hot Cross and related bandsused on some of their latter work. Yet another solid contribution from a band worth keeping an eye on.


This 4-way split will mark the first physical release for Rhode Island’s Tall Ships Set Sail which is another reason I’m excited for it. These guys were a quick favorite of mine when I first heard them. I love the raw and fast-paced track Pizza Donut that immediately reminded me a lot of the guitar stylings of  Julien Paget and his work in projects like 12XU and Daïtro. Absolutely fantastic from start to finish. Hopefully these guys will be able to get in the studio a little more and bring us more material after this release which gives them a better chance to display their talents.

Infro is easily the most obscure band right now on this release just due to the lack of exposure and information that’s really available on them. This is sadly true of a large number of Japanese bands punk bands but don’t let that make you have doubts about the talent Japan has residing within it’s borders! Besides a couple decent YouTube videos and these tracks, that’s really all the material I’ve ever heard of theirs. In fact, this will also be their first physical release as well as far as I can tell. Regardless, Infro wastes no time getting right to the point and showing you they deserve your attention. Typically, I’m not such a huge immediate fan of indie-influenced emotional punk but this is what it sounds like when it’s done right. There’s simply nothing better to say than that. Pay attention to this band.


That brings us to the closing two tracks of the LP, which I’ll admit I’m already going to be completely biased about. Italy’s Shizune has easily been one of the best screamo bands I’ve ever heard and, in my humble opinion, probably the history of the genre. Period. You can quote me on that from now until the end of time. That’s a lot to be said but that shouldn’t be too difficult for a band that sings lyrics in Italian, English, and Japanese. Haha. I personally own both variants of their debut EP shizune., two copies of their debut LP entitled Mono No Aware: Between Eternity And The Burial (#2/100 and #13/100), and both pressings of their last release, an excellent split with Minus Tree, which coincidentally is another collaboration of a rather ridiculous number of labels. Being some of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to, it would be impossible to say their music is the only area where they shine. This is a band that very comfortably fits with some of the best known European screamo bands like Raein, La Quiete, Mihai Edrisch, and the previously mentioned Daïtro. This split marks their 4th official release and, in my opinion, shows they have a long and very successful career ahead of them, if such a thing can even be said about such a band, and every step they’ve taken so far on that path has illustrated that perfectly. What better way to close out such a great compilation than with such a phenomenal band.

The Details

The Details

Things Fall Apart / This Ship Will Sink / Infro / Shizune - 4-Way Split LP


An unprecedented collaboration between 13 labels to bring you a 4-way split between Things Fall Apart (USA), This Ship Will Sink (USA), Infro (Japan), and Shizune (Italy). There will be 100 copies on Pink/Blue Split vinyl and another 200 copies on Mixed color vinyl.

Track List:
A1. Things Fall Apart - Everyday Takes Me Further From You
A2. Things Fall Apart - Virginia Woolf
A3. Tall Ships Set Sail - Pizza Donut
A4. Tall Ships Set Sail - Filet Of Fish
B1. Infro - 嘘の鏡と真実の悪魔
B2. Infro - モドラナイ
B3. Shizune - An Appointment With Richard Harrison
B4. Shizune - March Blizzard In Rostov Na Donu

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