Rich Crook is a name you should file in your brain’s wiki files.  A member of punk n roll pioneers The Reatards as well as Lost Sounds and Lover!, Crook has his foot planted firmly up the music industry’s holiest of holies, and he’s just getting warmed up.

Meet THING, a concoction of spacey classic punk lacerations sure to liven up any gathering of humans from bar crawls to bar mitzvahs.  Outta Control kicks off the party with a Ramones ‘I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement’ riff and Crook’s trippy vocals bouncing through your headphones like a pinball on roids.  It’s high energy, head pounding and, most importantly, fun as f-ing hell.

You have a choice between two covers limited to 75 a piece with the blood splatter wax, and here they are:

THING_front_website   THING_front_2_website

The Details

Limited to 500.
150 color vinyl (with choice of 2 covers)
350 black vinyl (with choice of 2 covers)

Colored vinyl is red blood splatter on transparent.

Comes with digital download.

Price $17

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