RIYL: Ty Segall, Jay Reatard

Label: Burger Records / Greenway Records

London 4-piece garage punks Thee MVPs think you’ve been sitting on your asses for long enough today.  From Burger Records and Greenway Records comes a 5-track ear-splitting EP that will surely free your minds and your asses, a surefire hit for all of you Ty Segall and Jay Reatard fans.  Funeral cuts through the bullshit in a similar fashion to Segall’s Oh Mary while Slimelord slows down into sludgy metal territory.  This whole thing feels like it could come unhinged and fly off the rails at any moment, but Thee MVPs roll through the 5 tracks with little to no casualties.

Get pummeled by the whole EP below and grab some seriously tasty wax after the ‘buy’ link.  Greenway has three variants to woo your corneas, a clear vinyl edition limited to just 50, a black splatter version also limited to 50 and the delectable ‘slimelord explosion’ variant limited to 200.  These range from $15 to $24, and as usual with Greenway, there’s a monstrous bundle option that includes all of the above plus a test pressing (limited to a mere 4 copies) for a cool $125.



The Details

Clear Vinyl (Limited / 50) : $15
Black Splatter Vinyl (Limited / 50) : $19.98
Slimelord Explosion Vinyl (Limited / 200) : $21.98
Test Press Bundle (4 copies) : $125

Cassette Available via Burger Records

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Price $15

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