RIYL: lipstick punk & bubblegum trash

Label: Slice of Wax Records

If there’s a train track that runs through Madison, Wisconsin…The Hussy are on the wrong side of it. ¬†The self-proclaimed ‘trash band’ duo has a new batch of brass knuckle¬†garage pop to bruise your eyes and blister your ears. ¬†One side of the E.P. was written solely by Bobby, and the other side by Heather. ¬†So not only are you getting some choice center-cut rock and roll, but you’re getting a deeper¬†look¬†into both band members’ writing processes and strengths that they add to The Hussy as a whole.

And Slice of Wax has given this 7″ the gourmet treatment, boy. ¬†You’ve got your choice of the Bobby variant (limited to 148 on red wax), the Heather variant (limited to 152 on clear white wax) and the super duper gorgeous screen-printed edition (limited to 106 on red/white swirl wax). ¬†If you’re stateside and think the shipping will be too much, make a couple of friends here on SlyVinyl, grab a bundle of all 3 and split the cost between¬†the 3 of you. ¬†Whatever ya do, don’t miss out! ¬†The 7″ will go live on Wednesday, February 10, at 2 pm CST.

While you patiently wait, check out some previous Hussy tracks below.

The Details

The Hussy are a two-piece trash band from Madison, Wisconsin.

Regular editions are 6‚ā¨
Screenprinted edition is 15‚ā¨
The bundle of 3 editions is 22‚ā¨, plus shipping.

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Price $6.75

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