RIYL: lipstick punk & bubblegum trash

Label: Slice of Wax Records

If there’s a train track that runs through Madison, Wisconsin…The Hussy are on the wrong side of it.  The self-proclaimed ‘trash band’ duo has a new batch of brass knuckle garage pop to bruise your eyes and blister your ears.  One side of the E.P. was written solely by Bobby, and the other side by Heather.  So not only are you getting some choice center-cut rock and roll, but you’re getting a deeper look into both band members’ writing processes and strengths that they add to The Hussy as a whole.

And Slice of Wax has given this 7″ the gourmet treatment, boy.  You’ve got your choice of the Bobby variant (limited to 148 on red wax), the Heather variant (limited to 152 on clear white wax) and the super duper gorgeous screen-printed edition (limited to 106 on red/white swirl wax).  If you’re stateside and think the shipping will be too much, make a couple of friends here on SlyVinyl, grab a bundle of all 3 and split the cost between the 3 of you.  Whatever ya do, don’t miss out!  The 7″ will go live on Wednesday, February 10, at 2 pm CST.

While you patiently wait, check out some previous Hussy tracks below.

The Details

The Hussy are a two-piece trash band from Madison, Wisconsin.

Regular editions are 6€
Screenprinted edition is 15€
The bundle of 3 editions is 22€, plus shipping.

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Price $6.75

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