RIYL: Punk Art-Pop Goodness & Post-Skate-Punk

Label: President Gator Records

Oldschool meets newschool punk in President Gator Records‘ newest split 7″!

Phoenix natives The Father Figures and Playboy Manbaby each lend a song or two for this limited edition vinyl release.

Elder statesmen of the often fractured, but secretly burgeoning Phoenix music scene, The Father Figures sound “melds urgency with intelligence, catchiness with dissonance, and sophistication with blunt force.” Featuring Michael Cornelius on guitar, Tom Reardon on bass and vocals, and Bobby Lerma on drums they create what they laughingly call post-skate-punk, although defining their own sound is not a matter that they take lightly.

Playboy Manbaby are spazz-funk weirdos straight outta’ Tempe! They are the party anthem of the impending zombie apocalypse.

Limited Edition of 500
Piss Yellow Vinyl 7″

The Details

The Father Figures
01.) Ego vs. Ego
02.) USS Destroyer

Playboy Manbaby
01.) I'd Like To Meet Your Parents


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Price $7.5

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