RIYL: A female Glenn Danzig fronting The Yeah Yeah Yeahs covering Garbage

Label: Romanus Records

Happy Halloween, kids. Open up those goodie bags nice and wide and bend those ears ’cause there’s vinyl on the line. Meet TART, a punk and roll trio from Detroit with a brand new full-length titled Better Luck Next Time. Like a bag of Sour Patch Kids filled with razor blades, TART gives you the sugary dopamine hit you crave and the bloody aftertaste you weren’t expecting. Zee Bricker’s lashing vocal delivery cuts through Adam and Donny’s pummeling rhythm section like a sharpened switchblade to the jugular. It hurts so good.

For the unfamiliar, Romanus Records is a Wonka-esque vinyl label that pours hand-crafted gourmet love into each release. This one is no exception! Romanus has filled 50 slabs with Pixy Stix, people. That’s right…the kid crack that sent us into sugar-fueled benders back in elementary school. If you crave Wax Magey rarities, Romanus has delivered a mere 10 one-off colorways. $95 is a lot of coin, but they’ll be gone in a flash. There’s also a tri-color variant limited to 50 and a splatter version limited to 150, both priced at a cool $22 a pop. Check out a few music videos below and get ready, for these tasty treats will be available at 3 PM EST TODAY, HALLOWEEN, October 31st.


The Details

Splatter: $22
Tri Color: $22
Pixy Stix Filled: $75
One Of Wonder Bundle: $95

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Price $22

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