Our good friends over at Kapitän Platte recently released the latest piece of work from SORK entitled Horseflies Flies!!

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, SORK is an interestingly varied act. From their bass lines to the usage of trombones, they’ve certainly stood themselves out within their progressive art-punk/post rock /psychedelic sound. It’s hard to lay any genre type on a band like this though, as they traverse a vast array of elements within their music.

There is only a handful of the limited edition colored version for this release left. After this 100 copies on Red vinyl is gone, the rest will be sent out on a standard black vinyl!

You should definitely scroll down and give these fine folks a listen!

“As a fully charged battery Sork explodes in the summer heat and the corrosive acid flowing out of transistor radios, and stain the white summer clothes.” – Surplus Recordings

The Details

(Pre-Order) SORK – Horseflies flies LP


Release-Date: mid of march

Art-Punk trio from Gothenburg, Sweden.

8 tracks in the vein of The Ex and Le Tigre.

Edition of 500 incl. download code, first 100 on colored vinyl.

Price: €13.00

Price $18.04

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