Sneeze, from Boston, MA, just released their debut full length album, I’m Going To Kill Myself. These tracks are a melting combination of garage/punk and grunge. 15 tracks that take you on a venturing journey while hooking and energizing the whole way through!

This release has 300 copies (on Cloudy Clear) being released in the US under Midnight Werewolf Records while also making 200 copies (on Transparent Blue) available in the UK under Close To Home Records.

The link below will send you over to the BigCartel page for the band which I imagine will be your cheapest route to acquire the Cloudy Clear version. You can purchase both as a bundle via the UK store, but at the conversion rate of the Euro, sadly!

Purchase both variants HERE (UK Store)

“On the starkly titled I’m Going to Kill Myself, Sneeze find the perfect middle ground between grunge’s distorted accessibility and punk’s anthemic abrasiveness. Over fifteen tracks, the band takes you on high adrenaline ride with angular turns and well placed hooks that keep you reeled in.” – Stereo Typing Media

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This is the debut full length from Boston, MA's garage punk / grunge band Sneeze. The band includes members formerly of the bands L'antietam and Ape Up.

Co-released on 12" vinyl by Close To Home Records in the UK and Midnight Werewolf Records in the US. It's available on two colours; Cloudy Clear (US pressing, limited to 300) and Transparent Blue (UK pressing, limited to 200).

FFO: California X, Glocca Morra, Gnarwolves, Joyce Manor, Teenage Cool Kids.

Pre-orders will run for two weeks from May 20th until June 3rd when the record will be released and available for digital download. All pre-orders will come with an instant download code to download the record before it's available for digital download.

I will also be sending out this record with a ton of free goodies!

1.Intro 02:29
2.Canker 02:19
3.Park Her Road 02:03
4.Bad Head 01:23
5.I'm Going to Kill Myself 01:50
6.Vaticant 00:52
7.Dark Elf 01:31
8.Quit Shitting 02:25
9.Brainage Pipe 02:21
10.Crumb 02:35
11.Red Bullgirls 02:36
12.Under the Fridge 01:48
13.Blank Man 01:45
14.Scabass 02:44
15.Outro 03:39

Recorded by Will at Dead Air
Mastered by Nick and Rob at New Alliance

Price $10

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