In true punk fashion, Massachusetts band Psychic Blood cram all the energy they can in the short time frames their songs allotted – roughly two-and-a-half minutes on the A and B-sides. Discord, nasty drum fills, distorted choral parts and storms of noise parade throughout the soundscape of the A-side track “Drrrty.” At 2:30, just as the band rapidly increases the tempo, the song comes to a rather abrupt end. A thick bass line opens up the B-side track “Bed Head,” and stays with the song the whole time. The vocals are much cleaner this time around, and the guitars absolutely squeal when they do squeal. It feels like “Bed Head” sounds more organized… as in, I could distinguish each instrument from the rest of the band. Nevertheless, the band recorded this with Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Chelsea Light Moving) and they’ve pressed 111 transparent red (on the band’s site, it says 100), along with 400 black. Give both sides a listen below with Soundcloud. For only $5.25, this deal isn’t half bad. Cheers!

The Details

After several digital and cassette tape releases, Psychic Blood serve up their first vinyl offering with this 7" single. Recorded at Sonelab Studios by Justin Pizzoferrato (Thurston Moore, Dinosaur Jr.) and mastered at Mammoth Sound, these recordings are cleaner than previous output, but still maintain the distorton and fuzz. The band has often been compared to Sonic Youth, but it's clear from this release that they've been influenced by the entire era of the late 80's and early 90s indie and noise rock scene.
500 pressed. 111 on transparent red.

Price $5.25

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