Some nice garage rock / punk tracks here from the Seattle (via South Africa) musician Garett Vandercrimp. This release comes from the new vinyl only Seattle label Whooping Crane Records. Cool stuff, excited to see what all they have in store.

The Details

“Vacant & Impatient” and “Haunt Me” are among the first few songs recorded as Prism Tats, strung together from song scraps and crude demos left behind after the disillusion of G vandercrimp’s former band Koko and the Sweetmeats. Continuing with his characteristic guitar-and-beat-driven compositions, Prism Tats also features the the addition of drum machines and other electronic elements, adding depth to the simple formula to create something he likes to call “future garage trash pop.” Hand-numbered vinyl includes download code w/exclusive bonus track “Know-It-All”.

Thanks to Katy McCourt-Basham for the tip!

Price $6

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