RIYL: Women, Viet Cong, Holograms

Label: Jagjaguwar

From Women to Viet Cong to Preoccupations, your favorite Calgary post-punk act is back with more cold, cavernous synth experiments to¬†pull you even further into your frigid winter depressions.¬† Their second album as Preoccupations, New Material¬†(amazing name btw) promises more of what you love from them with newest single Espionage, churning and grinding the darkest and coolest parts of the 80s and finessing them into¬†their own experimental dance aesthetic they’ve been tinkering with for the better part of a decade.

Before you preorder this one, keep in mind that Secretly Society, Secretly Canadian’s vinyl subscription series, may be doing their own colorway for this release.¬† If you’re a member of that or are thinking of joining, you may want to hold off until there’s an announcement for their next month’s vinyl pick.¬† Otherwise, this grey and black streak variant is pretty delicious-looking, so it’s a win-win really.¬† Check out the music video for Espionage below.

The Details

’New Material’ (is) a collection that broadens and deepens Preoccupations to a true mastery of their sound. In it lies the difference between witnessing a car crash and crashing your own, between jumping into an ocean and starting to swallow the water.

Limited Edition Grey/Black-Streaked Vinyl
Item ships out on or around March 22, 2018

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Price $17.99

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