Pop. 1280 have been assaulting us with their evil-tinted no-wave noise punk since 2009, and despite their rigorous schedule of human sacrifices and necromancy, they’ve managed to churn out two full-lengths on the beloved Sacred Bones Records.  Their third LP isn’t far away, but in the meantime, they’re gracing us with a little 7″ teaser of what’s to come.

B-side Krankenschwester is a hard rock exorcism.  A mere 1:44, Chris Bug’s vocals make Marilyn Manson sound like Karen Carpenter, writhing and twisting like a demon-possessed Trent Reznor in the throes of a holy water shower.  Ivan Lip’s guitar work is every shade of bonkers, grinding up and down the fret with the bloodlust of a psychopathic prodigy.

Fans of The Birthday Party and early NIN should get a kick out of this one.  Embrace your dark side, you prudes.  It’s only $6.

The Details

Two new Pop. 1280 songs taken from the sessions for their forthcoming third LP recorded at the Population Control Center in Brooklyn.

European customers, please buy this from the band on tour if they're coming to your town.

Limited edition of 300.

Price $6

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