RIYL: Ty Segall, The Stooges, Crypt Records reissues

Label: Solid Sex Lovie Doll Records

He’s the crazed Canuck, the monster from Montreal, the quack from Quebec.  Paul Jacobs is the real deal for all you garage punk fanatics.  Everything you love about Ty Segall’s early lofi years, the heroin-fueled Crypt Style recordings from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the depraved shrieks and animalistic howls from Iggy and the rest of the proto punkers…there’s a bit of all those gems in Jacob’s siege.

The guitars batter and clang through the speakers like a savage bear in a cage, ripping and tearing its confines for a chance to destroy.  My favorite part of The Stooges’ TV Eye is that perfect studio moment when Iggy Pop lets out that ear-splitting guttural screech, eventually inducing a cough that they thankfully kept in the recording.  Paul Jacobs emits that same kind of throat-wrenching yelp on his newest single. If this kind of jam is still relevant, it needs to feel real and dangerous.  Waiting for the Grave is a savage reminder that there’s still stuff out there that can give you goosebumps.

Grab a slab of colored or black wax, and pick between two different covers, both designed by Paul Jacobs himself.  Can’t decide which one you want?  GET EM BOTH, numb nuts.

The Details

Three rippers, all killer, and definitely no filler!
Limited to 300.
Artwork both by Paul Jacobs, black and colored vinyl.

Colored vinyl is mixed colors.

Price $5.7

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