RIYL: King Gizzard, Ty Segall, Damaged Bug

Label: Castle Face Records

We’ve all been watching…waiting…listening…and today, our patience has paid off for Orc is now upon us.  Named simply as Oh Sees this time around, expect another technicolor aural freakout from John Dwyer and company.  You’ve got three variants to choose from, all of them delicacies for your corneas.

No quantity listed, but I’d strike now while the preorder is fresh.  You know as well as I do that as soon as this psychedelic scent is in the air, the maggots will come in hoards and consume everything in their path.  If you miss out on this first wave, Castle Face has assured you that another batch of all colorways will drop later today.  You should all be able to get at least one of these!

The Details

More evil….more complex…more narcotic…more screech….more roar….more whisper…there’s even more Brigid. Less “Thee”, but more of everything else, it’s out on Castle Face Records August 25th.
Colored vinyl is limited to one each per customer.
- Orc-skined Water Edition
- Poisonous Bloom Edition
- Gilden Axehead Edition

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Price $30

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