Alright guys, this one is a particularly cool release from the overly worked, yet passionately involved, individuals over at intheclouds records! When I say overly worked, I’m referencing the fact that Dan and co. put together some of the most uniquely configured packages for records of any label I’ve seen out there — and they do it all by hand.

With their latest addition, they’ve been teasing for some time about a band we now know to be called No Machine. The band features Billy Rymer from Dillinger Escape Plan, Isaac Bolivar from Happy Body, and Michael Sadis from NK.

This 5″ lathe cut record will only be available for the 24 hours that encompass today, August 26th. Once the day is done, they will no longer be available! Let it be known, every single piece that is shipped out will be hand assembled. As far as I’m concerned, everything about this release is worth supporting in so many ways.

Let’s push intheclouds passion to an even further level! ‘Cause man, I damn sure love seeing the packages these dudes toss together!

Be sure to check out the YouTube clip down below. It shows all the goodness.

The Details

NO MACHINE : 5" Lathe Cut

Available NOW for the next 24 Hours pick up a limited edition 5" vinyl form No Machine

No Machine is Billy Rymer, Isaac Bolivar, & Michael Sadis - members of Dillinger Escape Plan, Happy Body Slow Brain and NK.

Having worked with the Happy Body guys a few years back, I've always tried to just keep an eye on what those guys are doing. Earlier in the year, in-between selfies w/ burritos, I noticed Isaac posting a few clips of his new project No Machine working on some tunes. Only hearing a few seconds of music I went to see the band play one of their first shows with Ghost House in North Jersey and decided to bring a lathe cut vinyl with me, made using a simple YouTube stream.

The straight forward intensity from No Machine left the crowd without words and I was hooked... After the show the band posted a photo of the vinyl on their socials an the response was amazing. We started discussing ideas to release the vinyl available for everyone. In the end, we created a custom die cut jacket with fold over inner sleeve to hold the 5" lathe cut, which would all be cut-to-order.

Now our last few lathe cut releases sold out in less than an hour which upset many fans who couldn't click their mouse quick enough... In an attempt to eliminate those issues, this release WILL NOT sell out. However, as mentioned before, after 24 Hours the vinyl will never be available again.

Pressing Information
Available on 08.26.14 for 24 Hours Only.

This release WILL NOT sell out.

Thanks to Phil Desjardins for the tip!

Price $6

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