Wow, we love Captured Tracks ’round these parts.  Variety is their spice, be it the beloved slacker folk of Mac Demarco to the dreamy punk vibes from Diiv.

Naomi Punk was adopted into the Captured Tracks family in 2012 with their album The Feeling, spattering the interweb with their guttural post-punk statement “Burned Body”, a personal favorite from that year.  Frail falsetto seared an otherwise dissonant metal punk riff, and damn it all…I just couldn’t get that song out of my head.  It was like The Beach Boys experimenting with PCP on a cold day at the beach.  Which they probably did…have you heard “I Get Around”?

As is the case with most Captured Tracks limited gear, you’re getting far more than just a record.  You’re getting a unique silkscreen-wrapped cover, a poster, buttons and a ZINE.  That’s a damn good deal for $23.


The Details

‘Television Man’ is a collection of oblique punk anthems and collaged instrumental pieces which best showcases the cathartic aggression that has become their signature.

/ Lavender Vinyl
/ Silk Screen Wrap (varying colors’)
/ Band 14 Page Zine
/ Naomi Punk 2″ ‘Television Man” Button
/ New’s Print Poster

Price $23

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