The album art above reminds me of the precise moment when the ‘Loser Edition’ of the first METZ album sold out on Sub Pop before I got a chance to preorder.  You wait, you die.

For the uninformed, METZ is a noise punk trio from Toronto.  Similar to Iggy Pop’s infamous Raw Power recording sessions, these guys crank all the knobs up to their maximum and let it ride.  Shrieking treble and feedback collide headfirst into crunchy, raunchy bass licks, and frontman Alex Edkins punches your kidneys with his vocal overdrive.  It hurts so good, though.  Remember in 5th grade when the girl of your dreams called you over to the sandbox and then kicked you square in your left testacle?  METZ is like that.  They make beautiful noise and then shove it straight down your esophagus.

Sub Pop preorders don’t sell out immediately, but make no mistake about it… this particular album will sell out way quicker than you think.

Check out the album teaser as well as first single Acetate below:

The Details

All customers who pre-order the LP version of II will receive the album on Loser edition, colored vinyl, while supplies last.
All pre-orders will also receive an instant download of the track, “Acetate”, as well as a 2nd track before release day, which can be downloaded your account.
In addition, by ordering through, you will be able to stream the album in full, up to 1 month before release day through your account (live stream date to be announced).

Price $18

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