With the material being originally run as über-limited cassettes, Kent State have decided to reissue their material as an album (or compilation) The Wrong Side of History! As far as as genre is concerned, this album (or compilation) flirts with shoegaze, garage, noise, punk, and pop. With the longest song on here just being over the four minute mark by one second, and with the median song length being around two minutes, I’m sure many can take the time to peruse Kent State’s harsh and fuzzy wares. This sampler of sorts is probably the most convenient way to preview what Kent State is capable of, as they have multiple splits and EPs out in the world. As far as the vinyl goes, only the first 100 get a blue version while the rest are black. With this only being on sale for eight days, I’m going to make an assumption that there are still blue copies left?

The Details

A collection of out of print cassette-only releases, lovingly remastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory and never sounding better. Brought to you by Debt Offensive Records/ Paranoid Futures

All songs previously released.

1-4 taken from Behind Closed Doors
Rok Lok Records 2012

5-8 taken from Spahn Ranch
Paranoid Futures 2011

9-10 taken from Challenger single
Paranoid Futures 2011

11-16 taken from Walk Trough Walls
Paranoid Futures 2011

All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Nicholas Vance 2011-2012

additional backing vocals & percussion by Emma Maatman
extra guitar and audio wizardry by Chris Camden
guitar solo on Crashing Satellites by Mike Stearns
backing vocals on Disconnected by James Airlooms
art by Emma Maatman
final mastering for vinyl by Daniel Husayn & North London Bomb Factory

Kent State is:
Nick Vance
Paul D’elia
Anthony B. Tetrow
Nick Townsend
released 16 July 2013

Price $10

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