Maybe it’s the 100 degree summers, maybe it’s the overcrowded, constantly backed-up highways, or maybe the lines for the best barbecue restaurants are too long…whatever it may be, there’s some dissonance pooling out of the sewers of Austin, TX.

Behind some of the healthiest punk scenes around the globe stand Sacred Bones Records, and they’ve made it down to the furiously hot plains of Texas’ capital, a bright blue dot in a large red sea of gun-toting oil tycoons.

Despite their Texan upbringings, Institute wear some heavy British punk influences.  Salt starts out sounding like a bass-heavy Joy Division, but as soon as the vocals hack their way into the mix, I’m reminded of the more aggressive streets of the UK where Crass, The Varukers, and countless other pissed-off young revolutionaries tread.

Have a listen, break some glass, start a riot and fork over a few bucks for Institute’s big debut.

The Details

Limited Edition Version: Edition of 200 hand-numbered copies in deluxe packaging, with alternate screen-printed wrap-around sleeve, wax-sealed, and available by mail order only. ONE PER PERSON LIMIT.

Formed in Austin in March 2013, Institute includes members of Wiccans, Glue, Blotter, Recide and more. Before they were even a proper band, singer Moses Brown had a couple of raw post-punk songs sitting on a four-track at his house. Once the lineup solidified, the band touched up one of those songs (“Dead Sea”) for a demo, then quickly wrote enough material to flesh out that demo (re-released on Deranged), a seven-inch (on Katorga Works), and now their debut EP for Sacred Bones.

We fell in love with this band as soon as we heard those early anarcho punk-influenced demos, and then saw a blistering set from them in their hometown earlier this year. The Salt EP is as sharp as the band’s earlier work but suggests longer, more experimental forms (“An Absence”) and a more incisive lyrical perspective, dealing with topics from existentialism to Brown’s experience as a closeted youth. Institute have already toured with their new labelmates in Destruction Unit, and we’re stoked to officially welcome these young men into our family.

Price $16

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