Fresh off a successful EP debut on Sacred Bones Records strides a more confident and, dare I say, refined Institute.  2014’s Salt EP was the sound of political post-punk discord, a plausible sentiment from a faction of vexed creatives living in the heart of the Bible Belt.  This year’s upcoming full-length Catharsis, while still a platform to vent their political, sexual and religious frustrations, has embodied a more straight-forward classic punk sound.  Where the Salt EP wore Joy Division and 1980s Thatcher-era British punk on its sleeve, Catharsis winds the clock backwards in time to the punchy growl of the New York Dolls and the riffy swagger of The Stooges.  Newest single Perpetual Ebb could easily pass for a pre-Bollocks demo from the Sex Pistols.

While the sound has shifted a few degrees, they’re still the same dicey group of Austin hooligans we embraced from the beginning.  Vocalist Moses Brown still sounds like a pissed-off Limey after too many pints of grog, and their strident assault still hocks a loogie straight into your earholes.  Sacred Bones has pressed another limited hand-numbered and wax-sealed variant for you, so whatchu got to lose?  Gotta pay to play, baby.

The Details

****Limited Edition Version: Edition of 250 hand-numbered copies in deluxe packaging, with alternate screen-printed wrap-around sleeve, wax-sealed, and available by mail order only. ONE PER PERSON LIMIT.****

Price $21

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