Since one of these variants has already disappeared, here’s the variant breakdown..

  • Sacred Variant (Black/Red Splatter) – 30 Copies – $16 (SOLD OUT)
  • Excommunicated Variant (mystery color with bonus item), silk-screened cover – 50 Copies (Less than 10 left) – $20
  • Standard Release (Blood Red Opaque Vinyl) – 300 Copies – $6
  • All versions have different cover art.

Hailing from Detroit, MI, The Ill Itches are known for their “blending of skuzzy guitars you might recall from early Stooges records with skuzzy vocals you might hear booming from the pulpit of a (defrocked) evangelical minister. The ILL Itches play Detroit-inflected, lively, dead flower punk.” We’ve actually posted about these guys earlier this year and it went over entirely well. So extremely well that we have a hard time keeping up with timely postings about these guys! But hey, that’s a good problem for The Ill Itches to have when hearing their music proves this to be so completely deserved! With their first 7″ having dropped in February of this year (which we posted about and saw sell out REALLY FAST), they started strong with really unique variants and attention to detail. It’s right up the alley of what we love so much about getting creative with vinyl coloring and packaging. This batch right here steps it up even further! Jump on this before it’s gone!!!

Be sure to check out the A-side Hallelujah, further details about the band, and information about the listening party/release show just below!!

It goes without saying, we’re ECSTATIC to see what the future holds for both The Ill Itches and Jett Plastic Recordings!!!!!!!!! We’ll certainly be right on top of it.

ill itchescover

The Details

Listening Party:
Place - Paramita Records, Detroit, MI
DJs: The ILL Itches, Passalacqua, Danny Kroha (The Gories, Danny and the Darleans)
Date: 12/2
Time: 6pm - ?

Release show:
Place - PJ's Lager House, Detroit, MI
Bands: The ILL Itches, Caveman Woodman & Bam Bam Moss, YUM, Prude Boys
Date: 12/6
Doors: 8pm
Regular Release record comes included with door.

Jett Plastic Recordings is happy to announce our next release as the blistering sophomore 7" by Detroit band The ILL Itches. Throughout the band's career, they've opened for
nationwide acts like The Buzzcocks and Dead Kennedys, in addition to working the hometown circuit.
The song on the A-Side of the 7", 'Hallelujah', was previously released on the follow up to the Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit album, The Pathetic Sounds of Detroit, in 2013.
This recording, however, is a completely new take, sonically brilliant, and re-recorded in Detroit. The B-Side, 'Revolving Door', is previously unreleased, and equally

Stephen Schmidt (vox, guitar), Matt Mruzek (vox, bass), Josh Woodcock (guitar) and Matt Livengood (drums) joined up in early 2013 and quickly established themselves as an
incendiary, if uncouth, live act. Face-melting guitar rock was usually accompanied with face-drenching gouts of beer. And hair.

The band’s first studio recordings snagged the attention of Grimtale Records, who released the Michigan Ave Meltdown/Lucille 7” single in February 2014. The vinyl – which
included a variant edition complete with a 3D cover & accompanying 3D glasses – sold out in less than 24 hours. Summer 2014 saw the band opening for the likes of Dead Kennedys
and The Buzzcocks, followed by a concise U.S. tour in October.

Detroit-based Jett Plastic Recordings is releasing The ILL Itches' second 7? single on December 6th.

Thanks to The Ill Itches and Jett Plastic Recordings for the tip!

Price $6

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