The ‘hum’ is an occurrence that takes place in your eardrums after you listen to bands like this at maximum volume.  In 2013, Hookworms signed to Domino Records and proceeded to kick down the f-ing doors with the fiery psych onslaught of Pearl Mystic.  Now, a mere year and a half later, Hookworms is back to lay waste to your heads and your wallets.  Don’t bother putting your doors back on their hinges.  This one is just as much of a scorcher.

On their first single The Impasse, Singer Matt Johnson’s microphone appears to be inside his throat, and they’ve turned him up as high as it can go.  His screams surf a wave of organ drones and guitar distortion, churning in a wall of noise until it peaks in feedback.  If you can imagine the sound of a 747 nosediving straight into a volcano, you’ve got the essence of Hookworms.  This is psychedelic music with bloody knuckles.

The Details

Deluxe Edition (limited pressing)
180g Heavyweight Transparent Vinyl
Die Cut Jacket
Bonus 7” featuring two new tracks
Includes MP3 download

Thanks to Daniel Bloomfield for the tip!

Price $25

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