RIYL: The Cure (Pornography-era), Killing Joke, Bauhaus

Label: Push My Buttons

Stockholm post punk 4-piece Holograms have been relatively quiet since their sophomore full-length Forever came out in 2013.  Lo and behold, they’ve been making good use of their time, crafting what sounds like their strongest project yet.  Titled Surrender, these are 11 tracks of bleeding, aching bliss.  Holograms continue to hike through the canals of early 80s goth and post punk, but their production techniques continue to expand to new and exciting heights.  The vocals are dead ringers for Pornography-era Robert Smith, but they lacerate the layers of rich guitar reverb and buzzing synths with the kind of studio finesse that wasn’t around in 1983.

Check out their newest music video below and listen to the entire album HERE.  This is the first album that Holograms has released apart from Captured Tracks, so we’ll unfortunately not be getting domestic shipping prices.  The album is pretty damn amazing, though, so don’t let a few extra bucks keep you from grabbing this one.

The Details

Transparent Vinyl
Surrender will be released on Friday the 28th. You will be able to order the vinyl from www.pushmybuttons.se, and stream it from most digital platforms.

Price $19.62

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