Happy Noose is a diverse punk/post-punk revival trio based out of Olympia, Washington, with their members being comprised of men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s and they’re back with a rather stellar EP produced by Tim Green who’s produced Melvins, Bikini Kill and more. On the title track “Amagosa” Happy Noose’s vocalist Ryan belts out his bold baritone notes over a steadily distorted guitar put through a vortex of pedals – ultimately, it’s a great opening track to settle the listener in for the next few songs. “Eye of the Storm” opens with a brooding guitar is an existential musing about misery and being helpless to stop the “storm” problems the protagonist sees, so to speak, being deafened by hurricanes and the like. Noose’s cover of Joy Division’s “Pictures in my Mind” holds true to the original, with them giving a clearer adaptation to it – the only recording lying around is extremely fuzzy and hard to understand so cheers to Happy Noose for taking this on! “End Song,” which closes out the EP, keeps it mellow with the band slowly burning in to an instrumental to ultimately finish everything off. If you like Interpol, or The National, I’d say give Happy Noose’s “Amagosa” a try. It’s in the pre-order stages right now with orders being shipped around July 3rd. Listen to “Eye of the Storm” below via Soundcloud and see what you think! Cheers!

The Details

NOTE: This is a pre-order. Orders will ship once the EP is back from the pressing plant. Anticipated shipping begins July 3, but we cannot guarantee that (sometimes there are unforeseen hiccups).

With "Amagosa" Happy Noose dive deeper into the threads of dark pop that woven throughout their debut LP. This time, the band sheds much of the lighter fair for a much heavier and darker sound than previous releases.

Produced by Tim Green (Nation of Ulysses, the Fucking Champs) at his Louder Studios in Grass Valley, Calf. Happy Noose have crafted a sound that is driving, morose, and laden with pop hooks all at once.

Three originals and a version of the never-released Joy Division song, "Pictures in My Mind" make up an EP well worth the seven inches of vinyl that make up its whole.

500 copy, mixed-marbled vinyl run.

Price $5

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