January 26th is officially Australia Day, and I imagine the holiday entails a lot of drinking, barbecuing and running around in your underwear.  It may even look something like this:


Those two hooligans above are Leroy and Kat, the two most lovable party animals down under. ¬†Thank God they finally dethroned THIS GUY. ¬†The Gooch Palms were¬†grown out of a petri dish from a drop of Mick Jagger’s sweat, a thread of Johnny Ramone’s leather jacket, a vile of¬†Frankie Valli’s saliva and a pair of neon pink briefs. ¬†The results are a mix of classic four-on-the-floor punk and pelvis-quivering glam. ¬†It’s rock and roll with a side of lemon tart.

The first 100 quick draws get the red wax. ¬†The rest will be on black. ¬†Grab one. ¬†It’s a real kick to the gooch.

The Details

Brand new double A-side single from Newcastle, Australia's own The Gooch Palms, first 100 copies are on sunglass red wax!

Price $7

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