Hailing from the UK, the trio known as Gnarwolves has been putting out 7″ teasers for quite some time now. Each and every variant from each of those pressings, some of which have had multiple, didn’t last very long at all. Having a very strong fan base within the UK, Gnarwolves has begun their expansion out into the world and now have their first ever full-length LP available here in the US via Pure Noise records!

This album marks the band’s first US release and consists of all three 7″ releases (Fun Club, CRU, & Funemployed) smashed together to form one full-length release!!

If you’re new to these guys or just never pulled the trigger on the past 7″s, here’s a great starting point!!

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200 – White/Green Smash w/ Pink Splatter


300 – Half Cream/Half Clear w/ Purple Splatter


500 – Green/Electric Blue/Purple Smash


The Details

PLEASE NOTE: This is a presale item set to ship appx 2.17.14

The Chronicles of Gnarnia white / green smash w/pink splatter 12" Vinyl
includes "High on a Wire" Instant Grat Track

Vinyl colors in mockups are not actual representations of vinyl - Actual vinyl color will vary.

Pressing Info:
200 - white / green smash w/pink splatter
300 - 1/2 cream / 1/2 clear with purple splatter
500 - green / electric blue / purple smash

Vinyl LP


1. Party Jams
2. Decay
3. No Time for Old Bones
4. Reaper
5. Chlorine in the Jean Pule
6. History Is Bunk
7. We Want The Whip!
8. Community, Stability, Identity
9. A Gram Is Better Than A Damn
10. Oh, Brave New World
11. Coffee
12. Melody Has Big Plans
13. Tongue Surfer
14. Limerence
15. High on a Wire

Price $15

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