Irish 4-piece Girls Names are back with their 4th full-length, their third release on the burgeoning Tough Love Records.  They toe the line between aggressive industrial styles and vintage new wave, yet somehow still manage to sound immediate and accessible.

Newest single Reticence starts with a dissonant post-punk riff as grizzly as the shower scene music in Psycho, emulating the ethos of disenchanted British youth in the 1980s via Killing Joke and New Model Army.  Halfway through the track, though, Girls Names remind you that they’re just as much pop as they are punk, and the dark shadows and sinister claws dissipate into shimmery ‘New Romantic’ oscillations.  They could pass for two separate songs, but this Belfast bunch know just as well as you that without the bitter…the sweet ain’t as sweet.  Girls Names have a bountiful supply of both.

The limited cream variant of the album is still available on Tough Love Records after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Northern Ireland’s Girls Names return this autumn with their third full-length album, Arms Around a Vision, due for an October 2nd release via long-term home, Tough Love Records.

Vinyl LP - Limited Cream Wax + Download

Price $26.5

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