If you ain’t privy to the battalion of garage punk bands oozing out of Tennessee’s oil sludge, you best get to ye ol’ internet and do some listening.  The Memphis-bred Ex-Cult (once named Sex Cult), is right smack dab in that army of can-kicking beaters of ass, and they’re running full speed with freshly-sharpened swords directly at your trembling, soon-to-be-skewered guts.

If you like it fast and loud (music, that is…get your mind our of the gutter), Ex-Cult’s brand of garage punk is for you.  Perfect for getting hyped before your daily murder spree, or for waking the kids up in the morning so they don’t miss the bus.  Either way, turn it up till ya bleed.  You can thank me later.

As is the case with the majority of Castle Face product, you wait and you lose.  Listen to a sample below and get in there before you’re on discogs, begging some guy in Germany for his copy.

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Limited Key Lime Cough edition - as usual limit two per customer.

Price $15

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