Infinity Cat is home to Nashville darlings JEFF the Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet, and a host of other groups you’ve heard through the grapevine like Pujol, Natural Child and be your own PET.  Ed Schrader’s Music Beat recently toured with Future Islands, giving a hoard of new listeners a taste of their off-kilter noise punk.  Their newest single “Televan” was debuted on Spin’s website and got 100k hits in a day.  Not bad.

They make immense music for a duo and if you enjoy ridiculous and raucous live shows, put ’em on your to-watch list.  Infinity Cat, since JEFF the Brotherhood skyrocketed into festivals around the globe, have grown a pretty big fanbase, so a record limited to 100 ain’t gonna last long.

If you’re curious what ‘piss yellow’ vinyl looks like:


Keep hydrated this weekend, folks.

The Details

"Party Jail" preorders are pressed on a very special piss yellow vinyl and come with a set of temporary party jail tattoos. (Includes ESMB knuckle tats, a little Infinity Cat, & more!!) Records will ship to arrive on 5/20. Limited to 100.

Price $15.99

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