I have been lovin this album, but i mean who hasn’t. It’s made me actually know how to spell Diarrhea, which somewhat makes me sad. It’s just an awful name, but such good music that it doesn’t matter.

I don’t know what the price is all about. Kinda seems like they’re just taking us for all it’s worth, which sucks, but it’s the only color variant this should have ever come in and limited to 80 so you’ll probably need one.

The Details

Infinity Cat Recordings is proud to release one of the most talked about and highly anticipated rock albums of the year "i'm rich beyond your wildest dreams" by Nashville's own Diarrhea Planet. So talked about that that green vinyl version sold out in 12 hours! And while the delicious gold vinyl is back, this is its last pressing, so grab your gold copy before they are gone for good!

Gold not enough? Well, the Nashville Scene just named "i'm rich beyond your wildest dreams" the BEST ROCK ALBUM of 2013 and to celebrate, we had 80 copies pressed in beautiful fluorescent pink. Limited to one copy per person, please!

Want this gem on CD? We've got those too! No problem. Want it on 8-track Cartridge? No can do.



"They captured the gargantuan quadruple-guitar assault and the life-affirming, rock ’n’ roll toga party atmosphere of their must-see live show." (NASHVILLE SCENE)

"Nashville's Diarrhea Planet have the greatest live show on Earth." (PITCHFORK)

"Get ready to spend your summer shouting along to "We're just kids!" (IMPOSE)

"13 tracks of quadruple-guitar shredding and punchy pop hooks to take you back to your glory days." (CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND)

Price $50

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