RIYL: Dirty Projectors, Xiu Xiu, Liars, Gavin Castleton

Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

Deerhoof has been around for over 20 years, churring out unique and beautiful records this population under appreciates especially the musicianship of all members of the band. Frankly, they have always been ahead of the game. “Deerhoof is a weapon loaded with the future.” – Agustín Fernández Mallo.

After a longer break than normal, they return bringing us Future Teenage Cave Artists through Joyful Noise Recordings. Unlike their previous album filled with collaborations and a large swath of different genres, this album turns inward focusing entirely on the band, it’s faculties and songwriting. Joyful Noise has a tendency to hold it’s artists in high regard giving them the ability to express themselves without limits, so we get an unabashed album, purely put together awaiting your ears. Check it out on Bone & Blood vinyl color, with a mystery 5″ lathe, each one different. You got to get a subscription, but it’s $5 and you can cancel it anytime.

In this sense, FTCA inverts the formula of Deerhoof’s last album, Mountain Moves, which invited a wide community of collaborators to band together in an open celebration of solidarity. The new one, on the other hand, is borne of self-isolation and deprivation. It’s the sound of a sparkling, manic musical intelligence being disconnected from a nourishing public and devouring itself inside its own cocoon: a desperate lunge at metamorphosis.

At times FTCA indeed sounds as if the band has retreated to the caves, recording with unreliable electricity and insecure food supplies. Guitar pedals malfunction mid-take, reverbs chop off mid-tail, drum fills collapse mid-phrase. Some musical moments, as gorgeous and touching as anything Deerhoof has ever written, stop short for no apparent reason, giving way to queasy smudges of sound. Many of the instruments and voices were recorded with nothing more than the built-in mic of a laptop. Harsh splices make no effort to hide the seams. Hard panning leaves many of these imperfections weirdly naked in the mix.

The Details

VIP Limited Edition Vinyl + Digital: $ 25.00 (Subscription is $5, cancel anytime)
Pressed to 500 hand-numbered copies on Blood & Bone colored vinyl. Includes secret 5" lathe-cut record containing unique unreleased audio [no two records are alike], packaged in Gatefold artwork. Includes instant download of advance singles, with full album sent on or before 5/29.

Blood Vinyl + Digital: $ 18.00
Packaged in Gatefold artwork. Includes instant download of advance singles, with full album sent on or before 5/29.

$5 shipping.

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Price $30

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