“Did we get it or what?” laughs Kylee Kimbrough after the 3-minute scorcher Soviet crashes to a halt.  Yeah, Kylee, you got it.

The new single by Atlanta punk trio Dasher is a ’77 era slab of ‘blank generation’ ethos smothered in blood and leather.  “I ain’t got no motivation to change my situation”, screams Kylee, channeling Dead Boys guitar grind and lyricism from the school of Richard Hell.

Suicide Squeeze Records is accustomed to quick sellouts, so quick draw gets you the colored wax.  Otherwise, grab it for a dollar less on beautiful black (tar heroin) vinyl.

The Details

The primitive urgency of punk pioneers certainly pulses throughout Dasher's catalog. And the deliberate squall of basement hardcore permeates throughout their latest offering, a two-song 7" courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records. Recorded by Jason Kingsland, "Soviet" b/w "Teeth" captures the no-frills energy of Atlanta's most propulsive post-punk band without tagging on any of the unnecessary conceptual or historical talking points lazy music writers rely on. The 7" is available worldwide on a limited run of 750 copies (250 on fluorescent lemon lime colored vinyl, 500 on black) and includes a download coupon. The two songs are also available digitally.

Price $5.99

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