What better way to introduce myself via my debut post here at SlyVinyl with a limited repressing from one of my favorite European screamo bands… wait, let me re-phrase and re-emphasize that. One of my all-time favorite bands, period. There, that’s a little better. I give you France’s own Daïtro and their 2014 limited repressing of an album simply titled, Y.

Released originally in 2009, Y ended up being the band’s last official full-length release of new material before collectively calling it quits in 2012. Most punk bands rarely last past their debut or sophomore release and usually struggle at even that small accomplishment. These guys managed to pull off a solid 12 year career while releasing 2 full-length LPs, a couple EPs, and a few splits with bands such as Massachusetts’ own Ampere and also nearly infamous European punk bands like Raein and Sed Non Satiata. This doesn’t even count the literally countless sold-out shows to their very dedicated and supportive fan base over that over decade long run. Quite an impressive feat regardless of any genre.

The label responsible for this great repressing is with little surprise, Echo Canyon Records, which is owned and operated by Julien Paget out of Lyon, France. This label should also ring a bell with Sed Non Satiata fans as they’ve released a few of their records as well, including the now difficult to find LP split between them and Daïtro. Julien was one of Daïtro’s founding members and is also a relatively common player in many great French punk bands like 12XU or Baton Rouge, just to name a couple for you.

If you missed out on the last repressing back in 2012, here’s your chance to get this great limited repressing on a beautiful transparent yellow piece of wax plus a free copy of the album on CD to round out the offer! I’ve always been quite pleased with the quality of records and packaging by Echo Canyon over the years and without a doubt this repress will hold up to those same high standards. Do your turntable a favor and pick this up before it’s gone! You know I will be!

Well, that’ll about do it for my first post here. I want to take the opportunity to thank Scott and Ryan for helping me come on board. I’m stoked how great of a site has become and what lies on the horizon. It’s gonna be a great ride and I’m stoked to be on board! Until next post… Aloha ‘oe!

Daïtro "Y"

The Details

Daïtro – Y

£8 (Approx. ~$11 USD)

There’s two methods to order this. Go to Echo Canyon Records’ main page and select “Daïtro Y LP + CD” and the drop-down for your location of shipment -or- Go to the Mailorder page and select the individual album, along with any other items you may want to add to your purchase, plus your shipping & handling option found at the top of the page.

Track List:
01. Y1A/Y1B
02. Y2
03. Y3
04. Y4
05. Y5
06. Y6
07. Y7
08. Y8
09. Y9

Price $11

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