Sean Ragon, the once sole member of Cult of Youth, describes the upcoming album as a “post-industrial Pet Sounds”.  Before you roll your eyes, I think what he meant by that was that this album is his proudest moment yet, and you’re going to hear the blood, sweat and brain matter of 5 musicians pushing themselves to limits they didn’t know they had in them.

Cult of Youth are primarily a punk-influenced group, but grew past the same 3 chord structures and cliched production techniques.  The layers on first track Empty Faction are immense, exhibiting their interest in psychedelic experimentation, acoustic folk, shoegaze…all with an aggressive punk backbone pushing the creative juices onward.  The last minute of the tune dive bombs into power punk riff that evokes The Ramones’ Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue, albeit far more sinister…as if Johnny Ramone had an evil twin.

The limited version of the album will be treated by Sacred Bones, so your $30 will go a long way.  You’re getting a double LP with a hand-made cover and an extra two songs that you can’t get on any other version.  Coooool.

The Details

****Limited Edition: DOUBLE LP Version: Edition of 300 hand-numbered copies in deluxe packaging, with two bonus songs, housed in a gate-fold sleeve with hand made covers, multiple inserts, available by mail order only. ONE PER PERSON LIMIT.****

Price $35

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