Grrrrl.  Girls Names and September Girls have partitioned their ranks to assemble a new tough-as-nails 4-piece of femme fatales (and a bruiser named Neil). They’ve teamed up with their go-to label Tough Love Records to release their first musical onslaught on wax.

First single Safe Corridor writhes and kicks along a fierce bass line and skids on a crunchy leather-clad guitar lick, bringing the insta-classic debut from Dum Dum Girls to mind as well as the early period of post-punk Britain.

Tough Love Records’ product is consistently great and tend to sell out quick despite the high international shipping costs.  My advice?  Make a friend in England, ship it to his house, book a vacation to his neck of the woods, and listen to it together over a cup of English tea and some biscuits.  Or you could just shell out the extra bucks.  Your call.

The Details

On 14th August, Tough Love will release the debut EP by Dublin/Belfast four-piece, Cruising (feat. members of Girls Names and September Girls). Pressed on 12" vinyl, the first 100 copies are on hot pink vinyl. Pre-order here.

Price $15.5

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