Just like the cover, Colleen Green’s music is swathed with a haze of pot smoke. Green’s fair and gentle voice provides the cover to a drum machine, a backing singer (which is her) and heavily fuzzed out waves of guitar. On Bandcamp, Green labeled this EP “stoner punk” and this couldn’t be a more accurate descriptor. Her debut release gave an accurate picture of what more she would be providing for her listeners. “Green One,” the opening track on this EP, has Colleen singing a line that could be a double (or triple) entendre: “I am just a green one.” “Y Do U Call Me?” and “Leaving it Up to You” has Green singing about what I assume to be a lover with whom she’s struggling to stay with. “Dance The Night Away,” the longest song on here at just over three minutes, is a relatively slower tempo and has Green singing about, well, what’s in the title. Listen to Green One below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

2011, Hardly Art

VINYL FORMAT. Limited edition. Colleen Green was raised by a loving family that brought her up on a steady diet of delicious oldies and sugary cereals. By second grade she was rapping on school grounds; by the age of 11 she had discovered punk rock and never looked back – from then on she was obsessed with music. After moving to Oakland in 2008, she and her friends created the Full House House, inviting countless great bands from across the world to play in their living room. Recently, Green retreated to a cave in Los Angeles; within two months she had written and recorded the Milo Goes to Compton tape; within five months she released the 4 Loko 2 Kayla CD-R ep. They are both just the beginning of the Colleen Green story.

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