These guys just blindsided me all the way from Halifax (that’s in Canada for you Geography flunkies). Simple and straight-forward power surf punk that covers the important issues like stupid tattoos and ghosts.

Spotify streams their Deluxe version which includes two extra tracks that are NOT on the record, which is unfortunate because I think “Don’t Haunt Me, OK?” is the best track on the album, but hey, it’s still good. Edit: you can purchase the 7″ with these two tracks here

First pressing is sold out, but it was on boring ol’ black anyway. Grab yourself a second pressing on Black/Smokey White vinyl (limited to 250)!

Whateverr, man.

The Details

"Brilliant AM radio power-pop that is spot on in so many ways: the songs are simple, the production timeless, the guitar solos sparse, and the back-ups economical. Absolutely nothing is spared; everything cleaned and sacrificed at the alter of the almighty hook. I don’t want to hear power-pop that doesn’t have hooks, and this tape has enough hooks to deprive you from sleep."
- Paul Lawton, Weird Canada

Price $15

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