Here’s a little treat for your rage-filled Monday morning commute.  NOT TODAY, slow guy in the left lane.

Southern Lord Recordings, crafters of the hard rawk, are reissuing a collection of demos and 7”s from the late 80s post-hardcore group Brotherhood.  At first listen, they sound like a perfect opening band to early 80s Minor Threat, but if you peel the onion back a little, you can see a big influence on the late 80s scene in Brotherhood’s hometown of Seattle.  Stoney metal sludge with a hardcore ethos.  Let’s kick a little ass today, eh comrades?

There’s a blood red and a true blue colorway as well for the record, but I’ve been told that the Seahawks variant (silver, blue and green tri-color) is the rarest of the three.

The Details

The definitive album of pissed, cathartic, raging HARDCORE from Seattles’ own: Brotherhood. The members of Brotherhood have gone onto to be involved in some of the most important bands of the last 20 years (Sunn 0))) & Foo Fighters to name just a few). These raw recordings from 1988 are the catalyst and undeniable roots that started it all!

The LP comes with a thirty-two page 7″x7″ booklet and more, packaged in a thick Stoughton tip-on single pocket jacket. The vinyl is available in both Blood Red, True Blue and Seattle Seahawks colors.

Price $20

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