RIYL: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Cramps, The Sonics

Label: Lazy Boy Record Company

Across the pond in a foggy rat’s nest in Birmingham live two bands.  You can hear their howls from Aberdeen to Plymouth, and for the first time ever…we’re getting both groups on one 7″.

Fans of muddy, skuzzy blues punk will immediately feel Black Mekon’s aggressive rock and roll blitzkrieg.  If Elvis skipped the pain pills and took a triple dose of PCP, moved to the bayou and took up the harmonica, you’d get something that sounds like Black Mekon.  Dirty, hand-clapping ragers that’ll send an extra helping of blood to your loins.  The Castillians, similar to The Ramones, beef up the classic sounds of 50s doo wop, early surf rock and Phil Specter girl groups and blanket them in feedback and bone-crunching attitude.  It’s a combo of epic rawk proportions, so take heed so you don’t miss out.

These will go live TODAY, February 20, at 3:00 PM EST.  You’ll have your choice of 3 gorgeous variants, a bundle of all three and even a few test presses housed in denim jackets.  Sick.  While you wait, check out two of Black Mekon’s older videos and one of The Castillians’ tracks that will be featured on this 7″.

The Details

Random color with black sleeve (limited to 140) - $6
White vinyl with blue sleeves (limited to 60) - $8
Split color with BoMB covers (limited to 35) - $15
A bundle of each one - $26

We have 4 test pressings going up $40
And 5 bundles of 3 plus test for $65

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Price $6

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