John T. Frazier of Spartan Records calls Barren Womb’s newest creation “10 easy listening tracks for the hard of hearing.”  Norwegian blackened country punk duo Barren Womb have been frying up greasy noise waves since 2011, and with Nique Everything, they’re cranking the amps louder and taking cheese graters to their vocal chords.  Heaps of energy and sweat and God-knows-what will simultaneously explode from your speakers, so be sure to have a towel present at every listen.  It’s gonna get messy.

Spartan Records has pressed a total of 600 copies over 4 different variants, but the log disc has been the crowd favorite.  That very log was photographed on drummer Timo’s farm on a small island outside of Namsos, Norway called Otterøya.  That delightfully chilling cover art was painted by Norwegian artist Ole Spangrud, so this entire production has some serious Norway love poured into it.  Listen to a track below and grab you some wood after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

First pressing limited to 600 copies:

• "Mudhole" (Bronze / Aqua Blue Swirl with Dual Yellow and Gold Splatter) (250)
• "Shotgun" (Brown in White in Aqua Blue Color in Color in Color) (150)
• "Hangover" (Beer with Aqua Blue, Yellow, and White Splatter) (100)
• "Log" Picture Disc (100)

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with printed insert.

This is a pre-order. All orders come with an instant download of the song "You can't fire me, because I quit" and a high-quality download of the Nique Everything on November 27th.

Price $19.99

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