RIYL: chiptune, 8-bit, VGM

Label: Polyvinyl

Originally released back in 2011 through Insound (remember them?) and sold on tour, Anamanaguchi’s coveted Airbrushed single has become quite the collectible. Now, allegedly…the band unearthed 300 copies of the decade-old (almost) single without labels or sleeves and worked with Polyvinyl Records to recreate a deluxe version. Conspiracy theorists are already calling it a cash grab, but damn them I say. Anamanaguchi rules. I’m in for a copy. What say YOU?

I can’t imagine these being around for long, even at a hefty $20 a pop, so if you’re even slightly interested, I’d quit stalling and commit yourself. Check out the bodacious, blip-roaring tracks below and put a little spark back in your step.


The Details

10 White vinyl variants
300 Clear marble vinyl variants
High gloss sleeve
High gloss label
Restorative cleaning

Additional Images

Price $20

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